I like mind training, organization, strategy and analysis in regards to well-being and society vision.

I used to practice Vipassana meditation but can't anymore because of a depersonalization-derealization syndrome 24/7 there's no treatment for yet. The cause of it is not clear to me, it might be a love breakup or a drug experiment.

I like to create words in my poems and reuse metaphors across them.

I like being alone.

I like meeting people that have odd centers of interest and attractions, that's why I usually get into intimate conversations quickly, which can puzzle and repel/drive back people, so I tend to refrain myself.

I consider friendship and freedom most important, even if being in love is super cool.

I've reclaimed friendship as not excluding love nor intimacy. I see it as a substance that have infinite colors and expressions, and being in love is one of them.

I think learning to alleviate my own suffering is the most responsible thing I can do regarding society. I value holistic, systemic and long term vision, and find very inspiring to feel as a part from a whole and not dissociating a sentient being from another in the long run.

I feel uncomfortable with social traditions and not involved in them. Fortunately I have lovely friends and family that bear with this.

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